Reliability of the Gospels III

Reliability of the Gospels (III) Phase 2: Defense of Controlled Oral History “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” MARK 16:15 The experiences of the Apostles and other eyewitnesses were meant to be told. Their memories of Jesus were never intended to remain as just memories; Jesus commanded that they beContinue reading “Reliability of the Gospels III”

Reliability of the Gospels II

Phase 1: Defense of Accurate Recall Skeptical Claim & Assumptions One might think that providing a defense of this first phase of testimony transmission is unnecessary. There was once a time when all that an apologist had to do was demonstrate that the Gospels could historically be traced back to eyewitnesses of Jesus. That isContinue reading “Reliability of the Gospels II”

Reliability of the Gospels I

Defending the Reliability of the Gospels There are many skeptical arguments that believers need to be prepared to respond to. One of the primary front-lines of defense is the reliability of the Gospels. A frequent claim that is made is that much of the Gospels were fabricated by the early Christian community. According to those critics, theContinue reading “Reliability of the Gospels I”